Senior Living

Senior Living

Recliners & Motion

Our standard recliners open by pushing back on the arms with both hands. Our Inside Handle models utilize a small handle between the seat cushion and the inside arm. This handle is pulled back to release the back, allowing the arms to be more easily pushed back to open the recliner. (Handle does NOT assist in opening or closing the unit.)

Standard and Inside Handle models are recommended for higher-functioning residents who can operate the recliner without assistance. (Please note that closing the unit in any other way besides sliding the arms, including pushing on the footrest, may damage the mechanism and will void the warranty.)

Kellex also offers a recliner with a power mechanism as a third option for those residents who would need assistance when operating the recliner. This recliner opens and closes using a remote control. If a nearby power outlet is not available, a rechargeable battery pack can be ordered with the recliner. Ask us for more details!

Gliders are available in standard gliders, outside handle locking gliders and stand-to-lock gliders.