We Support American Manufacturing

Almost 25 years ago when Kellex Seating began, we made the commitment to put US manufacturing first.  We had two goals: to become the best furniture manufacturing partner to our customers and to provide employment opportunities to families & communities devastated by factory closings resulting from outsourcing to foreign countries.

We vowed to provide our customers with the quality products & personal service that are the benchmarks of "Made in America".  A simple message at the heart of our company expresses our daily recommitment to these values:


We make our products here in the US, supporting the regional economy by partnering with local suppliers. In many cases, we own and manage our most critical manufacturing components. From our 15 acres of factory floor (the equivalent of 20 football fields) in North Carolina, Virginia and Mississippi, your order goes from our sawmill, frame operations, foam fabrication, finishing, upholstery and out the door through shipping. We deliver on our pledge to Make it Happen for our customers!

Every piece of furniture ordered by you & built by us is measurable in hours & those hours create jobs in the USA. We appreciate you every minute, every HOUR, every day!

 Chris Rice, Doug Fawcett, & The Kellex Family