The Kellex Story

An American Made Success Story

1994 - Founded in a Garage in Norwalk, Ohio.

1998 - Acquired Corporate Office in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

1998 - Sales office opens in Duluth, GA.

2006 - Sales office relocates to Hickory, NC.

2008 - Purchased Norwalk’s North Carolina operations, acquiring 355,000 square foot manufacturing complex in Valdese, NC - Complete with sawmill, frame and upholstery operations. 

2008 - First Zen sleepers are developed and produced. 

2008 -  Introduction of Tranquility- Senior Living Division and product line.

2010 -  Domestic manufacturing Initiative: Make it Here, Make it Happen- Support US Manufacturing.

2011 - Entry into domestic dining seating market.

2014 - Partnered with Susan G. Komen at HD Vegas.

2014 - Formed foam fabrication plant in Valdese, NC.

2014 - Assisted in the Extreme Village Makeover project at Give Kids the World with the renovation of 88 guest rooms.

2014 - Implementation of Kellex Care, including on-site Physician’s Assistant and Mammogram Mobile Unit visits.

2015 - Partnered with Autism Speaks at BDNY.

2015 - Acquired 97,000 square foot frame and upholstery plant in Tupelo, MS.

2016 - Partnered with Give Kids the World at BDNY.

2016 - Dedicated our designs and booth to benefit Alzheimer's research at EFA.

2017 - Acquired 198,000 square foot wood products plant in Morganton, NC.

2017 - Partnered with National Parkinson Foundation at EFA.