Our Team

Corporate Office

  • Chris Rice

    Chris Rice

    President Email
  • Doug Fawcett

    Doug Fawcett

    Chairman Email
  • Bryan Beam

    Bryan Beam

    Chief Operating Officer Email
  • Larry Parsons

    Larry Parsons

    Vice President of Manufacturing Email
  • Tom Freeman

    Tom Freeman

    Vice President of Business Development Email
  • Donald Poteat

    Donald Poteat

    Director of Logistics Email
  • Chris Blackburn

    Chris Blackburn

    Director of Quality Assurance Email
  • April Deal

    April Deal

    Quality Assurance Coordinator Email
  • James Avery

    James Avery

    Quality Assurance Coordinator Email
  • Heather Mihalick

    Heather Mihalick

    Director of Operations Email
  • Jerri Barnes

    Jerri Barnes

    Project Manager Email
  • Kendra Alexander

    Kendra Alexander

    Project Manager Email
  • Melissa Crawford

    Melissa Crawford

    Project Manager Email
  • Angie Jakoski

    Angie Jakoski

    Project Manager Email
  • Megan Barnes

    Megan Barnes

    Project Manager Email
  • Stacy Vayda

    Stacy Vayda

    Project Manager Email
  • Kelly Lachman

    Kelly Lachman

    Project Manager Email
  • Charity Neidler

    Charity Neidler

    Project Manager Email
  • Bev Leibold

    Bev Leibold

    Project Manager Email
  • Samantha Charney

    Samantha Charney

    Project Manager Email
  • Deanna Spreng

    Deanna Spreng

    Project Coordinator Email
  • Anni Garcia

    Anni Garcia

    AR/Credit Email
  • Megan Paynter

    Megan Paynter

    Administrative Assistant Email
  • Donald Gray

    Donald Gray

    General Manager Email
  • Mark Cline

    Mark Cline

    Valdese Plant Manager Email
  • Connie Cummins

    Connie Cummins

    Human Resources Director Email
  • Penny Smith

    Penny Smith

    Human Resources Assistant Email

Sales Office

  • Lew English

    Lew English

    Vice President of Sales Email
  • Jennifer Showers Surma

    Jennifer Showers Surma

    Vice President of Tranquility by Kellex Email
  • Vicki Elliott

    Vicki Elliott

    Vice President of National Accounts Email
  • Nancy Wilson

    Nancy Wilson

    Vice President of Product Development Email
  • Sherri Biederman

    Sherri Biederman

    Custom Quotation Specialist Email
  • Danielle LaGrange Kaba

    Danielle LaGrange Kaba

    Quotation Specialist Email
  • Judy Hildebran

    Judy Hildebran

    Quotation Specialist Email
  • Bonnie Beauchemin

    Bonnie Beauchemin

    Quotation Specialist Email
  • Hailey Rostan

    Hailey Rostan

    Quotation Specialist Email
  • Cathy Gibbons

    Cathy Gibbons

    Quotation Specialist Email
  • Jennifer Reid

    Jennifer Reid

    Quotation Specialist Email
  • Elizabeth Parson

    Elizabeth Parson

    Executive Assistant to the President Email
  • Sandy England

    Sandy England

    Specifications Coordinator Email
  • Stephanie Poteet

    Stephanie Poteet

    Product Development Specialist Email
  • Taylor Nichols

    Taylor Nichols

    Marketing Specialist Email
  • Liz Grahek

    Liz Grahek

    Marketing Specialist Email
  • Scott Bradshaw

    Scott Bradshaw

    Transportation Concierge Email

Sales Reps

  • Adam Pelkofsky

    Adam Pelkofsky

    Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania, & Fairfield County, Connecticut Sales Email
  • Alan Duff

    Alan Duff

    Colorado Sales Email
  • Allie Swanson

    Allie Swanson

    Chicago IL Sales Email
  • Amy Fricke

    Amy Fricke

    Alaska, Oregon, Washington & Idaho Sales Email
  • Andy Viera

    Andy Viera

    South Florida Sales Email
  • Beth Reymer

    Beth Reymer

    Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC Sales Email
  • Bob O'Neil

    Bob O'Neil

    Virginia Sales Email
  • Carelle Ringhausen

    Carelle Ringhausen

    Florida Sales Email
  • David Guest

    David Guest

    Texas & Oklahoma Sales Email
  • David Litvak

    David Litvak

    Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico Sales Email
  • David Rosen

    David Rosen

    Florida Sales Email
  • Evan Shatz

    Evan Shatz

    New York, Fairfield County CT, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Sales Email
  • Gaye Lynn Boyer

    Gaye Lynn Boyer

    Houston TX Sales Email
  • Jes Rodriguez

    Jes Rodriguez

    New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania Sales Email
  • Jill Draper

    Jill Draper

    Kentucky & Ohio Sales Email
  • Jill Jeatran

    Jill Jeatran

    Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota & South Dakota Sales Email
  • Johnny Arnold

    Johnny Arnold

    Georgia Sales Email
  • Marni Brown

    Marni Brown

    Michigan Sales Email
  • Patti Fouts

    Patti Fouts

    Iowa & Nebraska Sales Email
  • Roland Roberge

    Roland Roberge

    Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut (Except Fairfield County, CT), Vermont & Maine Sales Email
  • Ryan Bondar

    Ryan Bondar

    NYC and Long Island Sales Email
  • Sal DiMaio

    Sal DiMaio

    Illinois Sales Email
  • Scott Hesler

    Scott Hesler

    Indiana Sales Email
  • Sherri Biederman

    Sherri Biederman

    North & South Carolina Sales Email
  • Susie Faulhaber

    Susie Faulhaber

    Missouri Sales Email
  • Theresa Wurtz

    Theresa Wurtz

    Northern Illinois Sales Email
  • Tripp Costas

    Tripp Costas

    Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee Sales Email
  • Waldo Tejedor

    Waldo Tejedor

    South Florida Sales Email
  • Zachery Mundt

    Zachery Mundt

    California Sales Email