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US Congressman Mark Meadows Tours Kellex in Valdese, NC

April 20, 2017

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Congressman Mark Meadows toured the Kellex Manufacturing factory in Valdese on Wednesday, April 12th, accompanied by his wife, Debbie, and several local officials from Burke County and the Town of Valdese.  Escorted through the three-floor factory by Kellex President Chris Rice, Meadows examined hand-made furniture close-up, stopping frequently to speak with many of the local artisans who create contract furnishings for hotels, time shares and senior living centers across America.

During the tour, the Congressman was introduced to a new and unique feature of Kellex furnishings – the calculation and display of estimated hours of American labor attributable to each piece of furniture. Kellex has embroidered the labor total in the fabric on several show pieces for trade events, and Congressman Meadows was inspired to Tweet a photo of the featured items directly to the Office of The President of The United States, with a caption referring to bringing jobs back to the United States, a keynote of the current administration.  Congressman Meadows showed a keen interest in the assigning of labor hours to individual manufactured items, as he is closely aligned with other officials on Capitol Hill advocating pro-growth economic policies and job creation.

Congressman Meadows was presented with a flag bearing the Kellex slogan, “Make It Here, Make It Happen!” and a sculpture award depicting the rise of American labor.  Kellex executives agreed that the visit was a valuable experience for the entire staff and for Kellex Corporation as a local provider of jobs for over eight years.


The Science Behind the Employment Numbers

Kellex has spent three years developing software and processes that can calculate and display the combined labor attributable to each item, each location and the entire company. All of the over 3,000 Kellex furnishings have a US labor-hour value assigned, and the combined Kellex contribution of employment to the US economy in 2016 was over 1.7 million hours, supporting 849 US jobs. 

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